Black Ops 3 – Reveal Trailer and All We Know So Far

Posted on April 26, 2015 by Michael Boccher

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Ok, right off the bat Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is only coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Sorry to those who only have 360 and PS3. Now, for the new additions to gameplay, they are as follows:

– Swimming Underwater full with underwater shooting

– Split Screen Multiplayer

– 5 attachments per gun PLUS an optic

– Customize your own camo with up to 64 different variations

– Cyber Cores – These are skills that enable things like remote hacking and dispatching a horde of drones

– Cyber Rigs – These increase abilities such as movement, attack and defense.

– Thrust Jumps ala the Exo suit, full 180 degree turns in mid air and landing into a power slide

– No more dolphins. Dive to prone is no more. Sorry campers

Three multiplayer maps were also revealed for the game. They are

Stronghold – Swiss Chateau located in the Alps with both open and cqc mechanics

Combine – A smaller sized Saharan research facility map.

Hunted – An Ethiopian lodge fully equipped with Waterfall and underwater battles.

Scorestreaks will be returning and you will be able to customize your weapons before each map using the pick 10 perk mechanic that has been in previous titles. As far as game modes that will be available, we only have three confirmed so far. They are

Kill Confirmed, Team Deathmatch, Domination

There will also be nine Specialist classes instead of the standard character we have been using. Each one will have their own weapon and ability for a total of 18 different possibilities. The ones we know so far, four of them, are

Ruin : Weapon – Gravity Spikes – a shockwave that knocks enemies back

Ability – Overdrive – temporary speed burst

Seraph: Weapon – Annhilator – High end , one shot kill revolver

Ability – Focus – Adds a multipler in order to get score streaks faster

Outrider: Weapon – Sparrow – Explosive bow and arrow

Ability – Pulse – show enemies on map

Reaper: Robot character Weapon – Arm turns into a gatling gun

Ability – Glitch – teleport to a position you were at a few seconds prior.

From the trailer, the Reaper is a identical clone of the bad Terminator from T2 after his skin is melted in the fire and the underwater swimming ability is a cool little feature. A new feature called Gunsmith is also added that allows for visual customization of your weapons which is similar to Ghost Recon Future Soldier type of set up.

As far as campaign goes, it will be a 4 player co-op set up which you can play solo of course if you choose. In between missions there will be a customized safehouse where you can all show off and flaunt whatever medals you earned during the match. More details will be coming at both Gamescom and E3 with the game being playable on the E3 floor.

The game having special abilities and what not definitely takes away from the Call of Duty feel of things. After all, this isn’t Destiny with supers or Titanfall with robots although the trailer shows both clearly having an impact on gameplay. We’re all for change, but like Oreos over Hydrox and Cheez-its over Cheese Nips, some things just shouldn’t be altered. What you think? Take a look at the trailer below and let us know what you think.

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