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Blackout Receives New Map On PlayStation 4 Today

The team at Treyarch are dropping a new map to the Black Ops 4 Battle Royale mode. Blackout is receiving its second map, Alcatraz today, April 2 on PlayStation 4. The new map is just a little bit smaller than the original map it launched with. Alcatraz will feature zombies and will be more of a close quarters map compared to what Blackout players are used to. Treyarch also said that there are some zombie-inspired surprises put around the map.

There wasn’t much shown other than the trailer about Alcatraz, but we’ll officially know everything soon as it’ll be dropping on PS4 first then April 9th it’ll be available on Xbox One & PC. The other features about the new map we don’t know about is the player count it’ll allow since you factor in zombies into the PvP action.

It’s nice to see battle royale’s get new maps as we haven’t seen any news on a new Apex Legends map yet and Fortnite usually just updates the original one depending on the time of year. PUBG is one that has multiple maps that players can use.

Will you be enjoying Blackout’s new map?

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