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Blizzard Presses On The Overwatch 2 Battle Pass System

Posted on October 4, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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When came the release of Overwatch more than half a decade ago, the class-based arena shooter revolutionized how many players engaged with similar games. Like most properties from Blizzard Entertainment, it made a new standard as a whole. So now came the time for Overwatch 2 in October, what will the team be delivering unique from its predecessor?

For one, the game will include a single-player mode. Noted, it acts as a PvE game mode which is planned to ship later in 2023. Additionally, the core team structure for the new installment is being reworked as 5v5 with only one healer per team. The developer at the time felt there would be better balancing with the change to how games are approached.

Recently, Blizzard Entertainment ran a new blog post pressing on the new features and additions to Overwatch 2 and that includes the game now implementing a battle pass. You can view the Overwatch 2 Seasons Roadmap in the image below:

“Overwatch 2 is shifting to a seasonal model where we plan to deliver new content to the game every nine weeks. Each season will feature a lot to explore—new experiences and ways to play—and will typically bring either a new hero or a new map, alternating each season,” the team explains in the blog post.

“Each season will have a new Battle Pass, every one with a unique theme and up to 80+ unlockable tiers of cosmetics. We also plan on using the start of each season to make most of our hero balance changes so that everything always feels fresh and distinct. With this new seasonal model, Loot Boxes are going away in Overwatch 2, and our new in-game shop will allow you to purchase exactly what you want with our new virtual currency, Overwatch Coins– what you see is exactly what you’re going to get.”

Blizzard Entertainment elaborates that the decision to follow the modern business model is a friendly approach for many users in how they spend their money in a fair and flexible way. “Our goal is to make the game feel fair, enjoyable, and rewarding whether you choose to spend money on the Premium Battle Pass or not.

“Our team has worked hard to carefully craft not only the cosmetics you expect, but brand-new cosmetic types for the Overwatch universe like name cards, charms, and souvenirs, and some of these rewards will be available to everyone through the free track of the Battle Pass. If the season features a new hero, they will be earnable through the free Battle Pass track.”

What are your thoughts on Overwatch 2 implementing a battle pass?

Overwatch 2 releases on October 4, 2022 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

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