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Blue Mammoth Games Reveals 2020 Esports Roadmap For Brawlhalla

Unlike previous years that have shown growth for the continuously expanding competitive scene for Blue Mammoth Games’ Brawlhalla, 2020 looks to be the biggest year yet as the Atlanta-based studio alongside Ubisoft reveals the upcoming World Tour series for Brawlhalla Esports. Ranging between over a handful of online and in-person competitions that will be taking place throughout the course of this year, the bar is gets raised higher than ever for competitive players.

Virtually every month in 2020 will hold a new championship for the Brawlhalla Esports World Tour. Starting off the line of competitions commences next month in February with the Brawlhalla Winter Championship followed by CEO breakdown in March and the Brawlhalla Spring Championship in April the month after.

You can view the full roadmap in the image below:

What catches our eyes the most from this reveal is what lies ahead this summer, August in particular. While the picture provided does confirm that there will be an event regarding the Brawlhalla Esports World Tour, it however does not tell what exactly will happen in the latter half of 2020. Given some predictions for what it might be, a good guess would point towards EVO 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Regarding what some of these growing prize pools will be actually, Blue Mammoth also did not mention how much more will be offered this year. The only event shared is the concluding 2020 World Championship in November with an increased 150K prize pool: an additional fifty thousand dollars from the initial 100K prize pool of preceding years. The team also cited that Brawlhalla could possibly be heading to the Brazil Game Show later this Fall, but has yet to confirm if they will be attending at the Latin American event.

This past November at the 2019 Brawlhalla World Champs, Rectify Esports’ Brandon “Lil Capped” Anderson and Andrew “Ithrowow” Lim left the 2v2 World Championship placing 2nd against then-Wildcard player Sandstorm and Tempo Storm’s Boomie. You can read the full coverage report by heading here.

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