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Bluepoint Games Tease Two Games “Returning From The Shadow”

The idea surrounding what project Bluepoint Games has been quite the enigma for some time seeing that the last major title dropped by the American studio was Shadow of the Colossus for the PlayStation 4 last year. However, the team has been notorious since then for their hinting teases on social media pointing towards a handful of potential culprits that might be happening within the approaching future.

Previously this year, Bluepoint Director Peter Dalton shared his interest in The Legend of Dragoon 1999 title which sparked fan speculation that a potential remake could have resulted from the instance on Twitter. Since then, no news on what progress has been made on the project following the encounter.

However, Bluepoint Games took this opportunity on Halloween last week to again get fans anticipation running with indirect mentioning of not just one, but two games making a return now.

While not specifically naming what these two reemerging games might be, it is a fair guess one might be pulled from the GIF posted in the tweet. From the pitch red sky and flight of bats towards the full moon and the blatant one-worded reference, users instantly associated this to be teasing Castlevania: Symphony of the Night which would be a fair guess if I had to say so. This being the most tangible with the provided evidence, what exactly might this second title be exactly?

Some have decided that the second game be poking at Demon’s Souls or possibly Syphon Filter. Others have predicted the possibility of this potentially referencing The Legend of Drgoon or even Metal Gear Solid despite there being less correlation from the recent tweet. Regardless, we do know there are multiple projects in development as we speak and this could only bring more to the table as this generation is closing in on one more year until its ultimate ending.

Notably, FromSoftware President Hidetaka Miyazaki disclosed in January of a potential window opening for the 2009 title’s return. Clarifying that he does not like returning to his previous work, but would be happy for another team to take on Demon’s Souls if said developer loved and appreciated the content enough to provide the rework the property deserves.

What do you wish Bluepoint Games to revive for current and upcoming consoles?


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