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Borderlands 3 reveal seemingly teased for PAX East

Gearbox Software has been toying with the idea of Borderlands 3 for some time now, even name-dropping it at a previous PAX East panel. Today, they tweeted out an image that seems to all but confirm the appearance of the game at this years PAX East convention in Boston, MA.

As you can see, the cell shaded design resembles that of the Borderlands universe, and the real kicker is that the sign says ‘Exit 3’. There are rumors of a remaster of the original Borderlands, but this particular tease seems to indicate much more than that. It is entirely possible that both will get revealed during the panel.

Gearbox will be hosting the panel on the Main Stage on Thursday, March 28th at 2pm EST. The panel will most likely be live-streamed on Twitch if they follow previous years.

Last year, Rectify Gaming obtained information from a reliable source that seems to imply that Borderlands 3 will be marketed with Xbox. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen, however, every game announced on the list so far has had Xbox marketing, so we are fairly confidant the same will remain true here.


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