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Bubble Shooter – A Look at its Rules and Gameplay

Posted on March 31, 2023 by Riley Cashly

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The bubble shooter game can be best described as an arcade puzzle that gives the illusion of being a straightforward game. This may be so initially, as bubble shooters call for players to manipulate the pieces to form groups based on their color. But be aware this game can confound even regular players of this genre.

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Bubble Shooter Objectives:

In Bubble Shooter, the objective is to pop colorful bubbles by combining three or more bubbles of the same color.

The larger the volume of bubbles you combine, the higher the score. But don’t take too long. The longer you go without forming a valid set, the closer to the bottom of the screen, the bubble pile gets. And the closer it gets, the less room you will have to maneuver and form the required rows. Once the bubble stack gets to the bottom, your progress in the game ends.

Bubble Shooter Gameplay:

  • When the game begins, the player will notice a small cluster of colored bubbles at the top. Subsequent bubbles should be placed there according to their color.
  • The player will also notice a cannon in the middle of the screen with a bubble at its mouth. This is what shoots the bubbles onto the playing zone, where the bubbles accumulate.
  • Dragging the canon left or right will help target the spot to place the bubbles according to their hue. Once you’ve decided where the bubble should land, lift your finger, and the bubble fires.
  • When shooting bubbles, be sure to form them up as large a group as possible. Not only will this get you higher points, but it also will give you breathing room as the game’s pace increases. A wrongly placed bubble will make you pay dearly and complicate any recovery attempts during the game’s later stages.
  • The level is won when there are no more bubbles to clear in the playing area, and it’s on to the next level.
  • If you don’t have the right bubble to match up, you may swap bubbles with the next one in the queue by selecting the replace option at the bottom left corner of the game screen.

Features Of The Bubble Shooter Game:

This bubble-popping gaming has quite a few rabbits to pull out of its hat and will keep you going for hours. Here are the bubble shooter’s most prominent features that will satisfy your need for a flawless gaming experience:

  1. There are bubbles of two colors on standby, and you can pick either to shoot, depending on your need. Swapping anytime between the two bubbles is possible by tapping the switch button on the screen’s bottom left-hand side corner.
  2. The dotted line visible from the loaded bubble helps mark the trajectory and direction the bubbles will follow.
  3. For some added fun, the game throws in a bonus in the form of three power ups which are detailed below:
    1. Fireball – Clears all the bubbles in a single line. Perfect for giving yourself some breathing room when running out of space.
    2. Bomb – Explodes spectacularly and takes all the bubbles within a certain radius.
    3. Wildbubble – Clears the playing zone of all the bubbles in any one color.

Looking to be a pro in Bubble Shooter? Heed these tips, and you’ll be there in no time. Ignore them, and you’ll be up all night trying to beat your best friend’s score.

  • Aim For The Right Bubbles:

Take aim for the overhanging bubbles instead of those closest to you. When you do, large groups of bubbles will be cleared, thus giving you more space and getting you closer to the end of the level. Another advantage of this particular strategy is that it will place you on the high-score list.

If you have room to spare, you can intentionally form lower-level clusters and form bubbles in patterns over them to clear large quantities of bubbles. This is quite a sneaky but effective move.

  • Use The Walls To Your Advantage:

Targeting bubbles at the board’s corners will also help clear the level. Deflect the bubbles off the walls as you try and slot the bubble in those hard-to-reach spots. This can be a tricky move, but with some practice, you’ll soon become an old hand at it.

  • Have A Strategy In Mind:

Before jumping into the game in earnest, have a strategy for placing the upcoming bubbles. The player should also plan the crucial moment when they will deploy the powerups in the game to inflict maximum damage on the bubbles. Always keep an eye on the upcoming bubble, as that will help you decide in which direction to shoot.

  • Pause For A Moment Before Pulling The Trigger:

Reflexively bombarding the playing area with bubbles won’t get you anywhere and will only hasten the game’s end, particularly when running out of space. Instead, pick a spot where you may still have a chance to group the bubbles that can clear up some precious space.

Bubble Shooter has the benefit of being a game that never gets old, and age is no bar to enjoying this glorious game that keeps players on their toes with its ideal mix of strategy and fast-paced action. As a short game with high replayable value, it’s suitable for a quick break from the monotony of the day.

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