Bungie Bounty Is BACK: Dames of Destiny VS XboxOne Community

Posted on July 27, 2015 by TwiztedShotzTV

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It’s been a few weeks since we have seen the Bungie Bounty come around in the Destiny community – and even longer since it was featured on Xbox One. What is the bounty you ask?? It’s a community focus event that pits  highly respected individuals within the Destiny community against YOU the player.

This week marks a triply special occasion as not only is the Bungie Bounty back & on Xbox One but also is to feature one of our own, Bellebunny! Founder of Dames of Destiny & Co-Host of Guardian Radio.

Belle is new to RectifyGaming and holds title as our Community Manager. We are very honored to have her on board with our vision and now we must #HUNTtheBUNNY in this latest edition of the Bungie Bounty.

If you’re a Destiny Player & play on the Xbox One, below is the date and time you can be searching for Belle and the Dames Of Destiny crew in the crucible:

bounty times

If you reign victorious against the prowling [DAMES] Bungie will be so kind in awarding this sweet exclusive emblem to the winners of the team.

It won’t come easy though guardians. DeeJ & Cozmo of the Bungie crew will be assisting the Dames in their quest to keep the “W” in their corner.

bounty team

If you choose to join the hunt, please remember to include #HUNTtheBUNNY as we wan’t to know how your matches turn out.

Good luck! and Godspeed to each of you!

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