Bungie Discloses Expanding Destiny Universe Into “Additional Media” And Reiterates On New 2025-projected IP In Latest Press Release

Posted on February 20, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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While Destiny 2’s current forecast already experienced its Beyond Light story expansion just a few months back, that does not mean the flow of content ends there. Of course, Bungie plans to continue fueling more add-ons and experiences for its reoccurring player base as time continues forward. For one, the firm already pressed on two more expansions scheduled to arrive well into 2022.

However, it looks that the series is taking a turn for even more content outside of the video game. In that, Bungie reflects on the developer’s performance this past year and announces to expand its presence with a new leading headquarters. By 2022, a “reimiaging” of Bundie’s Bellevue, Washington studio will be completed alongside a newly established Amsterdam division that same year.

In regards to the franchise, Destiny is planned to undergo new ambitions which results with the series’ universe breaking into new media altogether.

To expand the Destiny IP and bring new stories and experiences to their highly engaged community, Bungie appointed Mark Noseworthy (Vice President, Destiny Universe) and Luke Smith (Executive Creative Director, Destiny Universe) to oversee and prepare for the expansion of the Destiny Universe into additional media. Justin Truman (General Manager, Destiny 2) takes over the successful development leadership of Destiny 2.

As for other endeavors relevant to the former Halo developer, you might recall Bungie’s ambitions to establish a new IP. While the project is left undetermined aside from a previously uncovered trademark, there is no real certainty on what the property really is. However, Bungie is still adamant on pursuing it in the coming years.

Originally from a discussion with IGN, it is revealed the title is aimed to be out before 2025. In the new press release, Bungie expands on the project. “Bungie has appointed Jonny Ebbert (Chief Creative Officer) and Zach Russell (General Manager, Incubation) to build and drive the creative vision and foundation for Bungie’s future worlds alongside the next generation of leaders at Bungie, with plans to bring at least one new IP to market before 2025.”

Are you excited to see what Bungie has planned next for its projects?

Source: Bungie

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