Bungie Weekly Update – The Taken King, Pax Prime, and System Requirements

Posted on August 27, 2015 by Ward-47

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From the latest Weekly Update by Bungie, we get more details on what to expect after completing the main story of The Taken King, a schedule event at Pax Prime, and details on how much storage you need for your preferred platform.  The update kicks off with a recap of what Bungie showed off this week during a stream, and if you want to avoid any potential spoilers, be sure to skip the video below.


Skip this video to avoid any potential spoilers! 

Of course, that is not all Bungie will be showing at this point, but in the next stream, we’ll be getting more details on the Court of Oryx next.  So be sure to check it out when it goes live at http://www.twitch.tv/bungie.



Moving on, when you finish the story mode in The Taken King, there will be a variety of activities to do when it comes to doing patrol missions, Strikes, PvP, and Nightfall.  With the second year of Destiny closing in, Weekly Nightfalls will be more than just Strikes for players to complete once a week, it will also include PvP as well.  Along with this aspect coming, Bungie will also be placing “a buff” which will do as follows

  • Requirement to be at level 40
  • wiping no longer returns fireteams to Orbit
  • Raids will now use a 30 second time-out penalty on down players (just like in the Raid missions on Normal)


Weekly Heroic Strike

This Fall, the dedicated Weekly Heroic Strike will be removed from Destiny.  In result, it will be replaced with a new playlist called “the Vanguard Heroic Playlist.”

From the Weekly Heroic Playlist, players will receive bonus Legendary Marks, and these rewards will be earned from account level instead of character level.  Of course, this change has been made so that way, players won’t feel pressured to focus on more than one character, so that way it will be more convenient for them to focus on one character they prefer to play as.



Weekly PVP Ritual

In this mode, players will receive a weekly bounty from Lord Shaxx called “The True meaning of War” which requires completing pvp weeklies, and will grant players tier rewards on doing so.



Pax Prime


Speaking of all this Destiny content that has been thrown at us from this Weekly, it looks like Bungie will also be present at Pax Prime in Seattle this weekend for a community meeting at Guardian regalia.  It will be located outside near the sculpture garden on the upper decks of the convention center at 3:00 PM on Saturday.



Change Agents

As Update 2.0 approaches along with The Taken King, players will be required to download and apply the update, even though if they do not plan to purchase The Taken King.  As shown below are important details on how to prepare for the update when it goes live on September 8, 2015.

  • Playstation 4 and Xbox One requirements
    • 18 GB of free storage needed
    • For those who are planing to play as soon as possible, be sure to turn on automatic downloading of game updates on consoles
      • Playstation 4 owners should look here for details
      • Xbox One owners should look here for details


  • Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 requirements
    • Xbox 360 owners need 10 GB free for update
    • Playstation 3 owners need 20 GB of free storage, and once installed, you’ll need 10 GB free
        • If you’re one of the limited number of players playing Destiny on a 20GB PS3 or Xbox 360 and have not already upgraded your storage space, you will run into storage limitations on your console when you attempt to install the update.  Here are steps you can take to continue playing Destiny:

      – Here are some solutions

You can also upgrade your Playstation 3 to your Playstation 4, and your Xbox 360 to Xbox One (data transfer from Playstation 3 to Xbox One or Xbox 360 to Playstation 4 won’t work).


That is all from the Weekly Update, and Destiny: The Taken King is set to launch on September 15, 2015.  Are you excited?  Feel free to let us know in the comments below.



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