C-Smash VRS – New Dimension Comes To PlayStation 5 This Summer

Posted on April 10, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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While kicking off to a hot start, the PlayStation VR 2 has found a new path for more users. In a recent announcement, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced plans to ship support for PlayStation VR 2 on PC later on in 2024. According to one interview, head of global business Eric Lempel told the PlayStation 5 peripheral is troubled to find its footing for profitability.

In a new announcement from PlayStation, one of its PlayStation VR 2 titles is now coming to PlayStation 5. The previously released C-Smash VRS is now arriving in a new third-person perspective under the alias ‘New Dimension’. You can watch the trailer in the video below:

“Playable in 3rd person in the spirit of SEGA’s icon (Cosmic Smash), C-Smash VRS – New Dimension is a brand-new experience for the first time on PlayStation 5, featuring innovative new gameplay, combining the very best of racket sports with block breaking, 140+ stylish levels, iconic graphic design, and hypnotic original music,” the YouTube description reads.

“Players move, dash and duck, performing intense shots, leaps and power smashes while racing against time, either solo or with a friend. With a variety of modes, players can journey to the edge of space and time in single player or make a cosmic connection with a friend and take part in versus and co-op fun. The game’s cross-platform leaderboards create fun challenges for the game’s growing global player community.

“C-Smash VRS New Dimension includes several modes to enhance solo and multiplayer, including Head-to-Head, Firewall and Quickshot, Zen and Training and an unforgiving AI BOT with new modes to be announced. Infinity challenges players to dodge and smash oncoming hazards. A thrilling mode that takes work out of the workout. In Co-Op, Infinity partners you with a friend side-by-side to try and reach the highest score.”

Are you excited for C-Smash VRS – New Dimension?

C-Smash VRS – New Dimension ship sometime in summer 2024 for PlayStation 5.

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