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Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Map Pack 1 “Havoc” Pre-Impressions

Posted on December 30, 2014 by Metro

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is the newest game in the franchise. Like every Call of Duty in the past there are at the most 4 Map packs. The image above is a “leaked” image of the first map pack, Havoc. Havoc consist of 4 Maps, One New Mode, And A DLC Gun. The DLC gun which was released to season pass holders was the “AE4” and the “AE4 Widow Maker” variant. The new “Exo Zombies CO-OP Mode” which was available after completing 10 rounds on exo survival on the map “Riot” but only for 5 minutes or less. The Four maps available are Core, Sideshow, Drift, And Urban.



Sideshow Core


Upon further inspection of these four maps, sideshow seems to be based on a carnival which we have already seen in a Call of Duty game “Modern Warfare 2” Could this be a remake of that MW2 map? Urban seems to be based in a Urban Shopping Area, Almost like a city area with shops and maybe houses, cars, ETC. Core seems to have a different weather based on the pic its not easy to determine the weather but I believe it may be a snow covered map. In the image for drift there isn’t much to really say about it, the center piece looks like a carousel or maybe a fountain with a large building the left of the image possibly an abandoned area like wasteland from Modern Warfare 2, or something that can related to a map from MW3. Remember to keep an open mind because these are just my thoughts and ideas on the maps and my beliefs are not confirmed. Further information on this map pack will be reviewed and gone over. If you have any ideas and speculations on these maps let us know on twitter @RectifyGaming or Tweet Me with your ideas @Mehtrological

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