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Call Of Duty Mobile Racks Up 100 Million Users Within Its First Week

Posted on October 8, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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It looks that the mobile market has really tapped into traditional console players as two initial gamepad-based titles have migrated from the living room to smart phones. I’m talking about Nintendo’s Mario Kart Tour which released just last week and already overwritten the initial most successful launch day for Nintendo’s mobile lineup previously being Super Mario Run. And now this week with Call of Duty Mobile as the game has also reached an impressive milestone for a mobile game.

Mario Kart Tour Accumulates 20 Million Downloads In Its First Day

It was announced today that the global version of Call of Duty Online has accumulated roughly 100 million downloads within the game’s first week of launch. Dated back a few days after the game officially dropped. It was reported that the title previous exceeded 35 million users, but now the previous achievement has been toppled by nearly triple the amount of users by the seven-day mark.

According to the metrics recorded by Sensor Tower, installs for Call of Duty Mobile are said to be more than half from the App Store with 60 million downloads (56.9 million to be exact). While the remaining 45.3 million downloads for the game within the first week is through Google Play.

Another impressive feat for the new mobile title from Activision is the overarching amount of download users the game received compared to its competitors. Epic Games’ Fortnite receiving 22.5 million downloads for its first week and second place for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which came to 28 million installs in the same timeframe.

Ranked gross for the game also surpasses the two competing mobile titles as Call of Duty Mobile received $17.7 million in its first seven days: $9.1 million on iOS and $8.3 through Android. Leaving Fortnite in the dust at $2.3 and PUBG which reached $600,000 weeks after monetizing the game. Noted, Mario Kart Tour grossed $1 million in just its first day, so the game could be bigger competition that the two for Call of Duty.

Call of Duty Mobile is out now for Android and iOS.

Source: Sensor Tower


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