Rectify Gaming

Chris 'VENGNC3' Kinghan - Manager

Chris has forever been reveled in the thrill and enjoyment of gaming. Starting at age 4 he has mostly leaned to the side of PlayStation having an original PS1 all the way up to the current PS4 pro. Currently he is a streamer for Rectify Gaming as well as the Call of Duty eSports manager for Rectify Esports. He loves the competitive scene and hopes to get more involved in the near future and hopes to guide a team to main stage or even a finals or COD champs.


Alex 'Apollo' Slook - Captain

I started competing during Black Ops 3 by attending locals. Surprisingly my first major was MLG New Orleans during the WW2 season, and I think I have made tremendous strides in getting better in my short time competing. I have the passion like no other for this, and want to be able to compete for as long as I can, so you bet my heart is in everything I do. Coming into this game with the roster I played with in WW2 and a beast pick up of Silent, I believe we can make noise in this game. Don’t sleep on us!



My name is Chase Cookman aka “Kruptstarfish” been playing comp Call of duty Since Vegas in 2016. Been a non stop grind with many ups and downs but I want this more then anything and won’t stop till we achieve it. Everyday I wake up more determined then the next with the help of my teammates the sky is the limit can’t wait to see the outcome!


Dom "Galvanize" Senerchia

I began competing in Infinite Warfare back in 2016. CWL Vegas was my first even where I attended with Nubzy. Not only am I involved with esports, but also traditional sports like ice hockey. I am a college hockey player at a division 2 college. Throughout my career in hockey I have definitely learned what it takes to win and lose at all kinds of levels, which I feel this can definitely relate to competitive esports. I cannot wait to see what this season brings with the great group of guys I am surrounded by.


Christian 'Futuristic' Rogers - Streamer

Christian has been addicted playing video games since Halo 3 when he was 10 years old. He was told to pick up Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and he instantly fell in love with the franchise and has set a goal to professionally play COD and first started at MLG NOLA 2017. Futuristic competed with Rectify COD at CWL Vegas 2018 and will now serve as only a streamer for our organization.


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