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Capcom Is Evaluating On More Resident Evil Remakes

Posted on July 11, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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Recently, the idea of remakes for classic & beloved titles is on the rise as more and more games face this treatment. And mostly, players are excited to see some projects that kicked off their love for video games to be reimagined to newer standards. Already, Dead Space when it release this past January has illustrated to be a step in the right direction with this approach.

Similarly, the same can also be said for Resident Evil as well. Earlier this spring, Resident Evil 4 Remake launched with many applauding the release. Additionally, a slew of previous remakes also got Cloud Versions on Nintendo Switch ultimately forming a bridge for all major platforms officially. And now it appears more projects are still to be conceived over at Capcom.

In a recent shareholders Q&A, it is shared that the firm is evaluating more Resident Evil remakes. Even more, Capcom entertains the idea to go beyond the ‘numbered’ entries in the series. You can view the exchange below:

Q: Will you be providing high-end visual remakes of only the main numbered entries in the Resident Evil series?
A: We are carrying out discussions regarding the future expansion of this series so it can be enjoyed by a wide audience.

However, considering the wording of the answer from Capcom, it does not exactly direct what project the publisher is to pursue for this ambition. It is noted that Resident Evil: Code Veronica is by chance the most requested remake outside of the mainline series. The title is clearly due for a reimagining like its big sibling Resident Evil games and surely not many fans will complain.

On other Resident Evil remake news, Capcom is preparing a PlayStation VR 2 mode for Resident Evil 4. Whilst this has been carried out for the original game via Meta Quest 2 and Resident Evil 7 for the first PlayStation peripheral, this is the first remake to welcome the feature. You can read the full report by heading here.

What has you most interested in Capcoms plans for its Resident Evil remakes?

Source: Capcom

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