Capcom Provides Targeted Resolution And Performance For Resident Evil 8 On Console & Stadia

Posted on April 16, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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To those that proactively tailed behind Capcom in regards to Resident Evil 8, it should be no secret the worrisome release for the game was at launch. For starters, the game was initially reported to be a hassle to execute on the latest PlayStation 5 console as indicated by industry insider Dusk Golem. But, there also happened to be suspense lingering for last-generation users as well.

When originally announced, Capcom did not press on the matters for an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 version of the game. Although the Japanese developer/publisher did go on to elaborate that it will be investigating in a port, nothing was guaranteed. But in the end Capcom went on later to confirm it is coming to most major platforms. Additionally, the team pressed that it will be arriving in early May back at the start of the year.

Now following the most recent Resident Evil Anniversary livestream, Capcom has issued an official ‘Output Resolution and Expected Framerate’ graph for Resident Evil 8 on its official website. You can read the full list below:

PlayStation 4 – 900p/45 fps
PlayStation 4 Pro – 1080p/60 fps (high resolution – 4K HDR/30 fps)
Xbox One – 900p/30fps
Xbox One X – 1080p/60 fps (high resolution – 4K HDR/30 fps)
PlayStation 5 – 4K HDR/60 fps (raytracing – 4K HDR / 45 fps)
Xbox Series S – 1440p HDR/45 fps (raytracing – 1440p HDR/30 fps)
Xbox Series X – 4K HDR/60fps (raytracing – 4K HDR/45 fps)
Stadia – 1080p/60 fps or 4K dynamic/60 fps

In addition to recent Resident Evil 8 news, Capcom also announced that a second demo for the game is on its way. As you might expect, it will be available for a limited time on PlayStation. Then, it will arrive to the remaining supported platforms. Capcom also introduces that Mercenaries mode will be making a return for the latest entry as well.

As for intriguing Resident Evil reveals that took place this week, Capcom in collaboration with Behaviour Interactive are working to create a Resident Evil Chapter for Dead by Daylight. The new add-on is said to arrive sometime in June 2021. You can read the full report by heading here.

What system do you plan to pick up Resident Evil 8 on?

Resident Evil 8 is scheduled to release for May 7, 2021 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, and Stadia.

Source: Capcom

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