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Capcom Reveals 2020 Content Roadmap For Monster Hunter: Iceborne

Earlier this month, Capcom finally introduced the PC spectrum of gamers to the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion that owners on console have been indulging in since late summer. And now expecting keyboard & mouse players to have finally settled into things with the DLC, Capcom has released an official roadmap for the course of 2020 regarding the content rich expansion.

Kicking off on January 24 will commence the Aestra/Seliana Fest & Grand Appreciation Fest which will also include layered armor for players to equip. Then in February will introduce special event quests that will make encountering gold crown monsters with more ease. Each month is slated to follow suit with a respected event and/or title update that will offer more for players to continue playing Iceborne well into the new year.

You can view the full roadmap below:

Although the roadmap does depict what exactly will be coming to Iceborne later this year, it does however leave out PC users participating in the slew of activities that will arrive throughout 2020. Instead, there is a separate title update directory that was also released which goes into more detail for both PC owners alongside console players.

The second image can be witnessed just below:

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Are you excited for what’s to come for Monster Hunter World this year?

Monster Hunter World is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: RPG Site

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