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Capcom Reveals Monster Hunter Wilds, Coming 2025

Posted on December 8, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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“Monster Hunter Wilds. The next generation in the genre defining series.” That is what Capcom wrote for the newest installment for the Monster Hunter series. After the juggernaut that was Monster Hunter Worlds and the return to form that was Monster Hunter Rise – an appropriate sequel to the 2018 game is upon us. And, it appears Capcom is trying to space out this release; thankfully.

Although the firm did roll out Resident Evil 4, Street Fighter 6 & Exoprimal with Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy coming in January, there is more big titles on the way. In that, Dragon’s Dogma II is also slated for this coming spring as well. So when it came time that a new Monster Hunter title would be shared, the biggest concern is how well scheduled Capcom games are from one another.

You can gather your thoughts on Monster Hunter Wilds by watching the reveal trailer in the video below:

Noted, there is still one game that could interfere with Monster Hunter Wilds – and that is Pragmata. Announced over three years ago, Capcom previously delayed the game indefinitely as the original 2023 launch window was updated to be undated.

How excited are you to see Monster Hunter Wilds be announced

Monster Hunter Wilds is aiming for a 2025 release for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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