Capcom's support on the Nintendo Switch will be determined by sales of USF2

Posted on May 25, 2017 by Rectify Gaming

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When it comes to the Nintendo Switch many companies have been questioning it from the start to see if they want to support it and if it’d benefit them. So far companies like EA said they want more of their games to come to the console now since the sales have been booming with winning the past two NPD’s.
Capcom is another company that will be determining if they want to support the Switch some more with the launch of Ultra Street Fighter 2 coming out for it. If the sales do very well there will be a good chance the company will support the console even more, according to a recent interview with the CEO of Capcom.
“In regards to Switch, Capcom will think of how to support the Switch while looking at how Street Fighter 2 does on the system in May”
It’s not a surprise many companies are taking this approach with Nintendo’s new console since we all remember how the Wii U ended up being. It looks like most companies see lots of upside now with supporting Nintendo.

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