Diablo IV Midwinter Blight live today!

Diablo IV presents MIDWINTER BLIGHT, an electrifying limited-time event that thrusts Fractured Peaks into a realm of perpetual darkness and bone-chilling cold. From December 13 to January 3 AEDT, team up with the mysterious bard Gileon as he warns of

Redboy and the Adventure Crew: Kickstarter Live !

In the world of child’s play, innovation and imagination take center stage, and a groundbreaking project has emerged to set the stage for limitless adventures. Redboy and the Adventure Crew by Playmix Interactive is poised to redefine playtime for children

Whatever Happened to Pro Evolution Soccer?

Throughout the 2000s, there was a genuine competitor to EA Sports’ FIFA franchise in the world of football simulation games. From 2023 onwards, there may well be yet again. That’s because EA Sports and FIFA, world football’s governing body, will

The best Finnish video games

Although it has not traditionally been known as a hub for video game development, the video games sector in Finland has been experiencing significant growth in recent years. In fact, according to recent industry reporting, the Finnish video games industry