EVO 2024 lineup has been revealed

The last year has been a great time for fans of fighting games as we’ve received Street Fighter 6, Mortal Kombat 1, and Tekken 8 all within the last few months. One of the biggest fighting game events of the

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GameBattles is shutting down on January 15, 2024

Many fans of MLG (Major League Gaming) received sad news regarding one of the biggest esports platforms, GameBattles. It was announced a week ago that GameBattles will be shutting down in 2024 after years of providing competition to players around

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How CS:GO Became One of the Biggest Global Esports

If you’re a fan of esports betting, then you’re probably already familiar with the phenomenon that is Counter Strike Global Offensive. Released in August 2012, this esports title has become hugely popular over the past decade, and has revolutionised the

Announcing The $200 RectiVersus 2v2 Showdown

Rectify Esports is back with another hosted tournament and this time it’s for new platform fighting game, MultiVersus. This event will be a team based event for $200 and it’ll be exclusive to North America. Not only is the prize