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Catherine: Full Body Has Persona 5 Crossover In New Trailer

Posted on September 19, 2018 by Nick Moreno

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Going back to December, it was revealed that a remastered version of Atlus’ 2011 title Catherine was in development. Titled Catherine: Full Body, a third Catherine will be included along with more endings to change up from the original. Having the director for Persona 5 Katsura Hashino as a showrunner for the upcoming game.

Now a new trailer for the title has arrived revealing more content coming to the game. The spelling has been confirmed for the new Catherine, the name of the new love interest is ‘Qatherin”.

Revealed for the new game is more features for the puzzle gameplay:

  • Auto-Play: Automatically climb with a single button.
  • Retry Assist: Retry from where you got a Game Over.
  • Automatic Undo: Go back one step, even if you die.
  • Puzzle Skip: Skip the puzzle part entirely.

Online multiplayer will also be coming along with local multiplayer that is already announced for the game. Other content that will be coming the “Ideal voice” set for the game’s in-game anime cutscenes. With a choice between Catherine’s original voice, Mamiko Noto, and a handful of other voices to choose from.

Joker from Persona % will be a playable character in Babel and Colosseum modes, having Phantom thieves commenting over as you play.

revealed at the end of the trailer was a limited edition for the game. Catherine: Full Body Dynamite Full Body Box will include a collection of in-game content along with physical goodies. The contents of the box is a copy of the game for either platform, Shigenori Soejima secret box art, Nero Glasses cosmetic, a four-disc soundtrack for the game, and a 44 page art book.

Catherine: Full Body will be available in 2019 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan. There’s no word on if the game will have a release date West of Japan.

Source: Atlus via Gematsu

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