Changes to Competitive Multiplayer in Destiny: The Taken King – Interview with Lars Bakken

Posted on August 18, 2015 by Belle

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Recently GameInformer released an interview with Bungie’s Competitive Multiplayer Design Lead, Lars Bakken, in which they discuss changes that are coming to multiplayer with the release of Destiny: The Taken King.


Two of the new game types are explained in further details. First up is Rift. Rift is a neutral bomb assault –like game mode where each team is trying to get a hold of a spark and run it in a capture point. This game type could be compared to a standard capture the flag mode, however instead of only receiving credit for completing a run, a player receives partial progress payouts. As you make your way across the map you will receive points for making it certain distances. There will also be no camping with the spark. You have a shot clock of 1:15 from when you pick it up to get it in to the capture point.. If you fail to get it out of your hands before the clock runs out you will die.


Next up is Mayhem. A game mode where you supers, melees, grenades and ammo recharge at a much faster rate than normal. In short you end up basically having supers almost back to back. Lars refers to it as a good blow off steam, party game type. This mode will not be a permanent option at first, it will be a rotator game type just like elimination was. But have no fear, if you enjoy it make yourself heard and Bungie will be listening. They heard the shouts about wanting elimination to be a constant game mode when Trials of Osiris isn’t live and as Lars said, “That’s what we are going to try.”


Sadly for fans of the Combined Arms game mode there is no refresh for it yet but they may try again later on.


Lars mentions how crucible can be a place where Bungie can show off things and places we may never see again or just haven’t seen yet in PvE. “Who knows if we will ever see Mercury beyond Burning Shrine and Vertigo.” However he goes on to say that they also use crucible maps to foreshadow locations and events still to come.


In addition to new maps and game types crucible as a whole is receiving a Quest line and an introduction with Shaxx pushing you through. Bounties have also been refactored , increased in numbers, the pay out for bounties will be good and there is the addition of escalating weekly bounties.


Lars mentions that Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner will be back. At this time it is not know if we will receive new levels of gear from events such as Trials and how it will fit in with TTK but it is confirmed that both Trials and IB will be a part of TTK. Good news for the more competitive crowd.


On top of all of these additions and changes Lars still adds, “There could be new things as well.” So we may be looking at new competitive game events such as Trials and IB.


Lars goes on to suggest that there are things, whether they be multiplayer specific changes or ideas for The Taken King as a whole, that may not have made it into the game at this time. He states, “Sometimes development changes…something that we would have released around the same time maybe doesn’t come together. And so it is pushed off to a later release…or gets back-burnered and never comes back”
So it appears that maybe in a future release we might possibly see some things that may have originally been meant to arrive with TTK or maybe things arriving with TTK were meant to be there from the start. Either way changes are happening now


One of the changes coming that seems to have many people very excited and yet others very worried is the fact that “Blink is not going to be quite as good as it was before”


In the end Lars mentions that he wants everyone to try the crucible



Check out the full interview by clicking the image below and let us know which changes you are most looking forward to.

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