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China and Australia Dominate OWC Thailand Stage, Advanced to BlizzCon 2018

After four long days of intense battle, China and Australia will now advance to BlizzCon 2018. Dominating the recently concluded Overwatch World Cup Group stage held in Bangkok, Thailand, the two countries will now join South Korea, Finland, United States, and Canada as part of the Top 8 finalists.

Team Australia

Unlike Team China, Team Australia’s victory was not a walk in the park with Team Sweden and Team Denmark in the way.  Undaunted by the competition, the team showed off their A-game that resulted in a 4-0 victory during the second day. Team Australia’s great moment came on the fourth day during their face-off with the indomitable Team China where the only need to secure a single map victory to secure their BlizzCon spot. The entire match was a massacre with the Chinese beating them on the first two maps, but just like those cheesy Hollywood sport-themed flicks, the Aussies managed to secure the third map and the rest is history.

Team China

Overwatch Word Cup will continue on September 21, in Paris, France where teams from France, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, and Italy will compete for the remaining two slots for Overwatch World Cup Finals on November 2-3, at BlizzCon 2018.


Source: Overwatch World Cup, Twitch

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