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Classic 'Duke' Xbox controller will make its return in March

Several months ago, Hyperkin announced plans to release a working replica of the original “Duke” controller that was first released with the original Xbox. Now, the massive controller is nearly ready for its debut.
Seamus Blackley, who was on the original Xbox launch team and has been involved in bringing the project to life, has announced on Twitter that the controller will be available at the end of March for a cool $69.99.

Hyperkin originally billed the controller as a “faithful recreation of the original controller’s form-factor,” but some tweaks have also been made for modern gamers. The biggest update is that the massive Xbox logo in the center of the controller has been replaced with an OLED display screen. Left and right bumpers have also been added, and a detachable 9-foot cable is included as well.
The controller will work with Windows 10 as well if you are looking to do some PC gaming with it.

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