Cliff Blezinski to reveal new game tomorrow

Posted on August 24, 2015 by Michael Boccher

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Cliff Blezinski and Bosskey Studios are set to reveal their new game tomorrow thanks to a countdown timer on publisher Nexon’s official site. In a post by the game’s Community Manager Rohan Rivas, the site as well as the official forums cites a name of  The Shattering.

According to Blezinski himself, however, this is not the name of his game. In a simple, one word tweet of “Nope”, Blezinski listed an inaccurate story by Polygon indicating that The Shattering was the title of the game.

If The Shattering is not the name of the game then what is it? It obviously has something to do with whether it be a plot point or group of people/beings like the Locust from Gears of War for example. Whatever it is, all the details on The Shattering will be revealed at 12PM Eastern time tomorrow Tuesday August 29th, 2015. You can sign up for details on the game on the official site and you’ll even receive a forum badge if you share the link via social media.

There have been little details on Bosskey’s new game since it was announced by Cliff Blezinski last June other than the codename Project Bluestreak. We do know it will be PC exclusive but other than that it’s anyone’s guess. We’ll have the details for you tomorrow so stay tuned for all the new information.

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