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Posted on October 7, 2015 by Tyler Nienburg

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Heads on and not hands on because it’s on your head it is adjusted to your skull it isn’t supposed to be on your forehead or lean on your bridge of your nose,  the HoloLens is just supposed be set above your eyes.  The unit itself is comfortable,  it has a little rolling spin to tighten or to lose to fit your cranium.  Now that I explained how it is equipped I will go into my experience overall with HoloLens and give my impressions.

So it was like going into Fort Knox,  I went into some back room with a few selected others and had to put my keys, phone, wallet into a locker,  I was then prompted to put my eyes into some kind of reader to get your pupil density  I think I was a 64.5  then they sectioned us off to another room as we watched a tutorial on how to use HoloLens.  They asked if we had any questions and I asked about the gauntlet/sword that was shown in the demo. 


I seem to frazzle the presenter who said he couldn’t answer about of final product will be hands free but it seemed they didn’t wanna talk about the hands free nature of demo that was shown on stage.  Most likely that is due to being a work in progress and they probably weren’t ready to release to public.  After that all 5 of us were again sectioned off to basically individual cubicals where we greeted by another person who would be with you in room whole time.   It was akin to going to a doctor office,  basically same kind of set up.     Anyway I gave the very nice young lady my card with my pupil number on it and she entered into a PC.  I was nervous, I didn’t know if i would do good, didn’t know if I could do it right, and had these things going through my mind.   She kept me at ease and guided me how to put on HoloLens again and stated the instructions as I stated in opening paragraph.  Picture the room as put inside a box, four walls, all the same size, length and so on.   I describe that because HoloLens adapts to your environment,  you start the demo by given an Xbox one control and told to look at one wall,  I start looking around the wall and I see a futuristic type alien robot and  the opening screen for Project X-ray just like you would see with any kind of video-game with a press start.   Once you press start you are met with an instruction to look at every wall in room, tells you to look right,  then right again, then right again, until you come to where you started.   Fov of this is a medium size recticular box so your whole field of vision isn’t covered, but you are completely fixated by whats in the middle.   I know they are working on making FOV larger, but to me in all honestly it doesn’t present a problem.   I would compare it to watching a TV on a couch, you are looking into the TV, what’s cool here is wherever you look in your environment it will adapt and will open up, so if you look at top right hand corner of wall and enemy is coming out that portion of wall it will open up on HoloLens.    So with that all out of the way I’m ready to play, I’m nervous and I’m standing in the middle of the room and I hit press start.   First thing I notice is my right thumbstick and left thumbstick have no bearing, so right off the bat it changes the way you play.   Typically in these games you move around and use one of the thumb-sticks to navigate,  here you are the controller and there is absolutely no delay, it is 1:1 you control the reticule with your body, your movements.  The reticule is in the middle of screen and stationary.  So watching the one wall where i start you see the alien robots smash into the wall and it opens up,  yes it look like it opens up.   right trigger is used to shoot, left is used to x ray.   These robots then start to come out of the open wall and start moving around,  now i’m moving my head to look at them leaning and shooting and killing.   I’m doing really good, and it’s fun,  yes it’s a lot of fun,  the spatial sound is excellent on HoLoLens is also impressive, you can hear where these little robots are scattering and you can look and shoot at them.  Now i’m kicking ass, first level of intrusion of enemies i went perfect.     The spatial sound kicks in and an attack is coming from the right, you see a right arrow show up and you turn your body to the next wall.   Now it’s getting hectic,  the ship breaks into the wall again,  different enemies are coming and it’s getting more frantic,  i’m shooting like a gunslinger and where i’m missing is actually blowing holes in the wall holographically and i’m seeing what’s behind those wall.  those holes that i blew through can even have robots coming out of them.   Now I’m like holy shit,  I’m animated and the person who is in charge of demo is cheering me on.    Im getting shot at and yes it looks like they are shooting you straight on,  so you actually have to maneuver to away from direct shot.  I could actually do a freaking combat roll to avoid a shot and look at the location of shot and shoot.,   Yes this isn’t advised to do cause the HoloLens can come off flying, but it gives you an idea of how this is all working.   I keep fighting waves and waves of robotic aliens and now they are coming from all parts of the wall,   a red arrow shows you where they are attacking, but the spatial sound also helps, i’m now basically spinning in the room, leaning back and forth, shooting holes through the wall, killing these robots and starting to get tired haha.  Yes its a workout a bit, well maybe for a fat guy, but nonetheless I was super excited and was super focused.  The demo ended and I scored 13550.   I was the 2nd highest scorer of the night I was told.   The experience was immersive and all I can say is that HoloLens definitely has a seriously stake in gaming as well as many other things.  The feeling oddly reminded me of the first time I went to Disney World and went to Epcot center.   It truly feels like a wild futuristic ride. Truly defining tech Microsoft has on there hands and the sky is the limit.   


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