Compulsion Games announce their next game “We Happy Few”

Posted on February 27, 2015 by Cam

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It’s definitely known that Contrast developer Compulsion Games are known for their beautifully artistic style and one of the most thematically ambitious teams around and that hasn’t seemed to have changed with their next project “We Happy Few” If you may remember, we covered the screenshots they revealed for the game, and they looked astonishing.

Compulsion Games also reveal that they will be at PAX East 2015, showing off a very early but playable build of We Happy Few! They will be at Booth 6216 next week. They say that the plans are still being ironed out but they are thinking that:

  • everyone who plays the game at PAX can enter a draw to get access to our friends and family pre-alpha
  • if you do something super special and probably quite difficult inside the PAX build, you’ll bypass the draw and get access after PAX.

This means getting people playing the game early on, and pushing out constant content updates based on community feedback.

Overall, I can’t wait for We Happy Few as Contrast was pretty awesome! Contrast was the first game ever reviewed on Rectify Gaming!

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