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Compulsion Games Explains Cross-Gen Releases Withhold Projects With Technical Setbacks

From Contrast/We Happy Few developer Compulsion Games, the direction the team is heading next surely is undetermined the time of reporting. While the team has officially been acquired by Microsoft to becoming a first-party studio, details on an IP that benefits the buyer is still left unclarified. Most recently, it was discovered that the team is actually transitioning to a new office space.

In that, the Montreal-based team back in 2020 was reported to be moving to a new position over in the region, La Presse writes. Part of the move will also grow the staffing at the game studio by roughly 2x come the official time Compulsion Games moves in completely. However, while the team is presumably still in the process of the decision, information on the next game is still blank currently.

But, the team does elaborate on one stance it strongly believes: cross-generation release. And no, the team is not in favor of it. Speaking to Xbox Squad, and translated by WCCFTech, it is revealed that the team believes shipping games on older hardware definitely holds back projects in a technical standpoint – which dilutes most of the experience.

No, no negative impact. Positive, yes. We want as many people as possible to access our games. On We Happy Few for example, at first we were only going to release it on Steam. And little by little, it was added to ID @ Xbox then Playstation at the time. What we really want is for people to be able to play our game. And the fact that it’s on Game Pass means that more people are going to be able to play it.

There is not really a negative side. The only thing that can negatively impact is when studios release on multiple consoles. For example Xbox One and Series. There are a lot of technical constraints. It’s a version of the game that has to run on both even though they don’t have the same power.

Naila Hadjas, Compulsion Games PR Manager

The stance certainly comes as a surprise as the Xbox company which purchased Compulsion Games does not think the same way. Despite many cries for the Xbox One version of Halo Infinite to be cancelled, the game is still planned to release. Additionally, the firm is to continue supporting the 2013 hardware when xCloud hits consoles later this fall, Microsoft revealed.

To reiterate on the move to a new location, Hadjas continues by sharing the advancements achieved so far for Compulsion Games. “It changes that we have the means to hire people, we can afford to move into more comfortable studios. It also gives us a lot of resources, for example research. We’re going to write, do research, and there are (at Microsoft) a lot of departments that are going to help us deepen our studies, our research on people, various things.

“They have departments that will tell us if the direction we are taking is right or put us in touch with people who could refine the project and ensure that what we are doing is coherent. It’s also because there are other Microsoft studios that we talk to often. We can exchange ideas, seek advice. There’s a whole support system at Microsoft that helps us improve our game. It’s something we wouldn’t have had as a freelance.”

Are you surprised by the stance made by Compulsion Games?

Source: WCCFTech

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