Cortana-powered speakers may be coming soon

Posted on April 7, 2017 by Philip

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After the unveiling of Project Scorpio’s hardware specifications earlier this week, Windows Central is reporting that Microsoft is looking to bring the Xbox and Windows assistant Cortana to the rest of the gamer’s household with a standalone speaker unit.
Similar to Amazon’s Echo powered by Alexa and the cloud, Microsoft has been covertly working to bring OEMs into the Cortana-powered device market.  We already know premium audio maker Haman Kardon are working on a Cortana-powered Echo Dot-like device.  Today, Windows Central’s Jez Corden reported on and posted an image of a Cortana-powered device prompt page in the Windows 10 assistant’s UI.  We’ll embed their image below.
Cortana Speaker Windows 10
If you’re familiar with Cortana on Windows 10, you’ll notice the new icon along the left that’s highlighted.  Corden writes that the “Buy now” button currently links to Microsoft’s homepage, and the “skip to tutorial” text “seems to be related to a separate, unavailable app for now.”  Obviously, this feature has been spotted far ahead of any retail product launches or new software feature announcements have happened, so expect it to develop and be a functional space rather than a fun leak like it is currently.  What’s more, Cortana’s links with a users Xbox Live and Microsoft credentials could, in theory, allow you to call on Cortana using a headset or Kinect while gaming on Xbox and have the speaker respond, rather than your Xbox.
As usual, while the features seems reasonable to expect in due time, schedules shift and project get shelved, but given that we know Microsoft developed a Cortana-powered device framework specifically to facilitate Echo competitors, we should see this tree bare fruit eventually.  If we learn more, or the story develops further, we’ll keep you updated.  Until then, be sure to stay tuned to Rectify Gaming for the latest.
Source: Windows Central

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