Could A New Bioshock Be Coming in 2020?

Posted on January 7, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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For those who might not have noticed, the Bioshock franchise has been absent this current generation is if you disregard the Bioshock Collection which came out back in 2016. With hope that a new title could come out at some point in the near future, fans might get what they have been patiently waiting for according to videogame analysts.

In a article from, video game analyst Michael Patcher predicts that a new title in the Bioshock series is expect to release sometime in 2020. This would make sense in correspondence to the previous discovery from Kotaku’s Jason Schreier back in April that 2K studio in San Francisco is currently working on a “top secret” Bioshock project.

Patcher also discussed that Take-Two, parent company of 2K Games, will also have another title from Rockstar Games release the same year as the unannounced Bioshock game. Reflecting on Rockstar’s statement from October regarding Grand Theft Auto and the trademark expiration for the forgotten Agents title, neither titles will be present by 2020 if his prediction is correct. Best guess could be that a Bully sequel will take the 2020 release window seeing the recent discovery of the casting calls for an unannounced Rockstar title.

Another eye opening prediction from the analyst revolves around another 2K Games title, Borderlands. Where Patcher stated “It would be cheating to say that the company will announce Borderlands, since it will probably happen before this article is published”. Despite the anticipated title still not receiving an official reveal as of yet, chances are pretty likely to see the game’s debut sometime within the next year. One of our sources told Rectify Gaming back in April that Microsoft will have marketing rights for the upcoming Borderlands 3 title, seeing how there’s still no announcement yet the only window for the game’s debut will be at this year’s E3.

With all to take in, these are just predictions that could happen within the next two years, but should still be taken with a pinch of salt until official word is revealed by either the game’s developers or publisher.


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