Could Horizon Zero Dawn Be Coming To PC Next Year?

Posted on December 6, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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What Amsterdam-based developer Guerilla Games has planned in the studio’s project list is unknown, but there have been some rumors that could potentially disclose the next big reveal for the PlayStation-acquired team. The most recent discussion surrounding the 2017 title emerged this week speaking of a potential PC port for the game is well on the way.

This rumor comes from Russian YouTuber Anton Logvinov “Антон Логвинов”, he claims to have word on the open-world action adventure being scheduled to release sometime in February of next year for PC. However, aside from his initial reveal on the matter, there is no tangible evidence pointing to confirm what he says aside from his own word.

That is not to say that Logvinov is not making a hoax, he is well-known for his previous reporting. Earlier this year, Logvinov did say that Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding would receiving a PC port following the game’s initial release; and that later on happened to be true. But for Horizon Zero Dawn? Now that is where this rumor begins to conflict with being legitimate.

While the games we mentioned like Kojima’s coming to PC would be understandable, that is due to the studio being independent from Sony Interactive Entertainment. The same can also be said for Quantic Dream and the recent announcement for Detroit Become Human scheduled to arrive to PC as well due to the studio not being under ownership of the first-party publisher for PlayStation. But it is different for Guerilla Games.

The developer is considered a first-party studio as the team is an acquired property for Sony Interactive Entertainment, which raises the question for the company’s reasoning to bring the game to PC. As this typically would not happen to titles being in the publisher’s possession, there is no real likeliness that the report happens to be true. But even then that could be contradictory in the long run as possibly the company is planning to make a PC release since neither the developer nor SIE have commented on the rumor. So only time will ultimately reveal if this claim is true or not.

Some tangible news, however, is the chances of seeing a standalone virtual reality game coming in the near future. Recently, Digital Pivot 360’s Callum Hurley poked at a potential VR game in a tweet he made. You can read the full coverage for the game by heading here.

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Horizon Zero Dawn is currently available for PlayStation 4.

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