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Could PlayStation 3 Backwards Compatibility Be On The Way After Recent Reports For PlayStation 5?

Posted on January 25, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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Ever since the initial reveal more than a handful of years ago from Microsoft to deliver native legacy support for Xbox 360 titles on Xbox One, fans on the PlayStation landscape remain hopeful that Sony Interactive Entertainment will deliver the same support for PlayStation 3 backwards compatibility. Although PlayStation 5 currently offers the tool set for PlayStation 4, older hardware is not present for the system.

However, there is still hope from selective fans of the PlayStation 5 came launch for the platform. Despite anticipation growing for the platform, President & CEO Jim Ryan validated that legacy support will be missing from the newest console. Even more, the firm was planning to can the online storefront before a user outcry rearranged the decision from the firm.

In a new string of stories circulating this month, it is indicated that PlayStation 3 backwards compatibility – at least on PlayStation 5 – is on the way. User @JordanMiddler shared a screenshot listing Dead or Alive 5, a PlayStation 3 game, on the storefront. But, YouTuber Mystic lists that this could be a mistake.

Additionally, more stories online continues to surface feeding the possibility of PlayStation 3 backwards compatibility. But, there has yet to be any confirmation. From GamePitt, the review website elaborated on the matter with a reasonable approach. “Some websites are going to (if not already) post articles saying PS3 BC is confirmed due to PS3 games appearing in the trophies… That’s incorrect.”

It goes on to illustrate an inconsistency with the claim via the Trophy system unique to PlayStation. “The reason they’re blank is because the PS5 can’t display PS3 trophies (due to a silly design choice at Sony), so images and names vanished when they were all incorrectly shifted to the ‘PS3’ tag.” Ultimately, the recent information does not directly validate if legacy support for PlayStation 3 is coming.

In recent weeks, reports emerged disclosing other ambitions on behalf of Sony Interactive Entertainment shipping support for older titles on its platforms. From Bloomberg, Project Spartacus is to be the answer to Xbox Game Pass: introducing new tiers that bridges PlayStation Plus & PlayStation Now, PS, PS2, and PS3 entries will be included. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you hoping PlayStation 5 gets PlayStation 3 backwards compatibility?

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