Could Roller Champions Already Be Facing Its Demise?

Posted on July 25, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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In a line of current events, Ubisoft appears to be standing in a poor positions in terms of new IPs. While the publisher can establish well-performed new releases like Immortals Fenyx Rising which is claimed to be receiving a new spin-off in one report, the firm has issued other projects to be shuttered down elsewhere. The most recent being Hyper Scape earlier this spring.

Atop of that, the firm most recently ended the current momentum for three upcoming projects. In collaboration with Oculus, the company was developing virtual reality titles for both the Assassin’s Creed & Splinter Cell franchises. Additionally, the upcoming Ghost Recon Frontline battle royale game was also dismantled at the same time too. So what about Roller Champions – the firm’s newest stroke into live-service?

The new free-to-play release shipped back in May making waves with minor competitive league already formed for the game. However, according to Jeff Grubb, the game is already being prepared for the chopping block. When speaking on the Xbox Era Podcast, he expressed that the game is expected to be closed down following season 3. You can view the segment of the show in the video below:

“I think it’s possible that one of the canned games is- Roller Champions is gonna be canceled after season 3,” he expresses. However, how tangible is the statement compared to an official release from Ubisoft? According to the firm’s recent financial report, the game is already outperforming Hyper Scape in terms of where the game stood around this time.

“Roller Champions has been well received by players for its fun and dynamic gameplay. On both retention and revenues KPIs, Roller Champions is tracking ahead of Hyper Scape,” the report shares. Ultimately time will reveal how the publisher will treat the game. When acquiring Brawlhalla, many did believe the “Smash Bros. clone” to face a similar fate, but the game only swelled larger with its latest Assassin’s Creed crossover reveal. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you worried about the future for Roller Champions?

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