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Countdown For EA Access’ Debut On PlayStation 4 Reveals July 24 Release Date

Users are already familiar with the subscription service that publisher Electronic Arts offers on both PC via Origin and Xbox One. And now PlayStation 4 owners will soon be able to enter the mix as the service will be releasing just shorter than a month away for Sony’s platform.

Announced more than a month ago now, EA shared that EA Access will be coming to the Japanese console sometime in July this year. Now though, as the publisher counts down the days leading up to the subscription dropping on PlayStation 4, the approximate date has been brought into the light.

The countdown announcing that EA Access will be coming to PlayStation 4 on July 24th. If interested in the subscription, you can sign-up to be notified on the page for when the service officially goes live here.

EA Access as like the iteration on Microsoft’s platform and Origin Access on PC offers exclusive deals on all titles that comes from the publisher. On top of the continuous promotions, subscribers will also gain access to a 10-hour trial to any upcoming game two weeks in advanced to feel out the waters beforehand. As well as the Vault which provides a catalogue of titles from EA for no extra cost.

The Electronic Arts service goes for a small $4.99 a month fee, or the more effective $29.99 a year.


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