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Counter Strike Goes Free-To-Play Along With Battle Royale Debut

Valve has recently announced that the studio’s ongoing first-person shooter Counter Strike Global Offensive will be receiving a new battle roayle gamemode titled ‘Danger Zone’ alongside announcing that the online title will now be free-to-play.

CS GO’s adaptation of the popular genre places 18 players on the mode-specific map Blacksite with the objective to “test your skills, make the most of your equipment, and make every moment count.” But unlike the other titles that offer battle royale, players will be equipped with a tablet that can be used to orchestrate attacks on other players, track crate drops, and manage your bank for what items to purchase.

Another feature that makes Danger Zone unique is the in-game objectives which help add to your wallet. From eliminating high priority targets to escorting wounded NPCs will award you with a cash reward. O if low on currency, you can find a safe and blow the door off of its hinges with C4.

For those who play the new game type between now until January 9th, players with prime status will also receive the MP5-SD | Lab Rats submachine gun. Also introduced is the Danger Zone Case which features up to 17 different and distinct weapons that will be offered.

Counter Strike Global Offensive is currently available now for everyone along with the new Danger Zone battle royale mode on PC.

Source: Valve

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