Crackdown 3 Proves Xbox One Most Powerful Console In The Cloud

Posted on August 6, 2015 by TwiztedShotzTV

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The latest from the development forefronts has been dedicated servers and never before has the power of those servers been so evident.  The power of the cloud is here with the latest rendition in the Crackdown series.

If you played the first two titles the third will leave you feeling much more satisfied as the world that surrounds you in game will be completely destructible. Before, explosions were simply fire and smoke animations coming from a chard frame of a slightly grayer outlined vehicle –

crackdown_108907Image Taken In-Game From The Original Crackdown

Crackdown 3 is bringing the BOOM, allowing you to shoot holes in walls, smash into sides of buildings or even bring down the entire structure if you wish!

How are they able to do that you ask? Here’s the skinny:

Crackdown 3 is seen as a city divided into distinct sections, each area is controlled by a single server. Of course all of this goes on behind the scenes so to the player it feels like one giant open world.

When the player starts blasting things in an area, the physics calculations are then sent to the server where you’re currently playing. The results are then sent back to your Xbox One, where you then see everything from a single bullet hole to even a full skyscraper tumbling down.

Sounds simple on paper but the business end of what’s going on here is something that hasn’t been seen before in the gaming industry. Or, at very least not at this scale and scope.

Reports are saying it takes as much as 13 times the power of a single Xbox One to power the Crackdown 3 simulation! If this report is true, that would make the Xbox One the most powerful console In this current/next gen gaming race with the assistance of the cloud.

Watch the Crackdown 3 First Look Trailer and see the action for yourself! 
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