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Crackdown 3 teaser site revealed

Nothing has been heard about the upcoming Crackdown 3 since Gamescom in 2015. However a new discovery is about to change that.
Earlier today a site, hosted on one of Microsoft’s server was found by a user of the Crackdown 3 forums. Although the site doesn’t explicitly mention Crackdown 3, the references to a “supersecret agency” and the fact that visitors are called “agents” hints has caused many people to make the assumption.
The main purpose of this website is to reveal five “mission dates” with the first one starting June 10th and then recurring every seven days for five weeks. Nothing is known about what these missions entail. However with the release of Mission 1 scheduled for today it shouldn’t be long before all is revealed.
Eagle-eyed visitors of the website also noticed a string of text in the bottom right corner that reads “BETA_INT” and a numerical code underneath which when converted alphabetically reads TOPSECRET. Fans are clueless as to what this means, but it is hoped that it is a reference to the multiplayer beta scheduled for release later this year.
Additionally the website states that the user “has earned $2/$10 towards their agency pension”. What this means is unknown and I assume will remain unknown until either all five missions have been revealed or completed.
We will update this article when the first mission is revealed, so ensure to check back regularly. While we wait thought, what are your thoughts on what it can be? Are you excited by this? Let us know below.

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