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Darksiders: Genesis Hits PC & Stadia This December, Console Launch Following In February

Leading up to this year’s E3-hosted event in Los Angeles, word slipped on some of THQ Nordic’s lineup as the publisher scheduled to announce an assortment of new games at the annual gaming event. This being a new title for the Darksiders series: but instead of a direct installment from Gunfire Games, the game would instead be a project by Airship Syndicate.

This later was properly announced to be Darksiders: Genesis. A top-down, co-op experience which would pair both the second Horsemen War and last Horsemen Strife: the title would break the standard action-adventure genre the games are generally associated with to bring a new experience for fans of the series and to those who already fancy the pedigree of titles. Following the reveal, any sort of release date was left unanswered for players who are eager to take on this new journey.

That was until this week as Airship Syndicate released a new trailer for the game. Yet another cinematic viewing similar to the one shown back in June, this instead revealed new release dates for the game. Yes, you read that in plural. Going more into the matter, it was announced that the game will be releasing in two phases: PC and then console. Those wielding keyboard & mouse will receive the game via Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, and Stadia in December while their console counterparts must wait until February.

Reasons as for why the developer decided to take this route to launch Genesis is not mentioned, but guesses are that development divided between Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo’s systems would require more time to properly optimize for the each respected platform. PC on the other hand suits the game as taking transparent influence from Diablo, the game only has to juggle between storefronts.

Do you plan on getting Darksiders: Genesis this December or later next year?

Darksiders: Genesis will be available for PC/Stadia on December 5, 2019 then later for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on February 14, 2020.


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