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Dead by Daylight console review

Posted on June 23, 2017 by Tieranie Albright

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]One of the biggest draws to horror and slasher films is the fear of not knowing where the killer is or who will still be alive by the time the credits roll. Developers Behaviour and Starbreeze have really captured that sense of dread and unknowing in their hit Steam title Dead by Daylight, which is now available on XBox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. We have seen many games over the years where you play the victim, the hunted, attempting to escape from ruthless monsters such as Silent Hill‘s Pyramid Head or the Baker family in Resident Evil 7, but rarely do we have the opportunity to switch over to play from the perspective of the hunter. Those who have played Dead by Daylight on Steam since its initial release last summer know how it feels to play the bad guy and how well it works in a multiplayer setting.
Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical online/multiplayer experience that pits one Killer against four Survivors. The side you play is up to you. The brand new console version of the game is a “Special Edition” so it provides players with the characters that have been added to the PC version of the game since release. You get to choose between 6 Killers and 6 Survivors, each with their own unique abilities, skills, and customization options. It is worth taking the time to go through each character and press left on the D-pad, because it provides you with a background. Either why the Killer is so bloodthirsty, or how the Survivor ended up in the situation you are about to place them in. It is a small detail, but for a game with no real storyline or campaign mode it adds to the overall feel of the game.
As a Survivor, your goal is to repair 5 generators in order to power up the two exits. The only problem is, if you mess up the skill check it causes the generator to backfire loudly and alerts the Killer to your whereabouts. Some players choose to stay and finish the job, others run and come back when it is safe. Well, safer. Fortunately for the Survivors, you hear a loud heartbeat, and sometimes even footsteps or unique weapons such as the Hillbilly’s chainsaw when the Killer is near. This does not make it impossible to miss the Killer, but it does make it easier. Another advantage the Survivor has over the Killer is they are played in third-person, so you have a much wider range of view. The Killer is first person, which makes it thrilling to play but more difficult to see your surroundings. At least the Killer does not have to worry about someone sneaking up and bashing them over the head with a hammer like the Survivor does. Once 5 generators are running, Survivors are able to rush to one of the exits and begin activating the door, with a catch of course. The Killer can see where the exits are and can try to stop any lasting Survivors from escape. If you are the last of the 4 Survivors left alive, and 3 generators are active, then a secret hatch door opens that you can find and escape through. I had a crafty Survivor run from me for a surprising amount of time, then jump directly into the hatch right before I caught her. I was annoyed that I did not get a perfect game, but impressed that this player was able to pull it off so smoothly after a 5 minute chase.
Naturally the goal of the Killer is to kill the Survivors, but this is where Dead by Daylight gets interesting. The Killer does not simply kill the Survivors, rather attacks them using primary and secondary weapons, anything from saws and knives to bear traps and shock “therapy,” until they are in a dying state. Once the poor Survivor is on the ground, the Killer then picks them up and finds the nearest meat hook to hang them from as a sacrifice to The Entity. Little is known of The Entity besides the fact that it is the one that puts together the maps and layouts, and is the reason the Killer is after these 4 random people. It is possible yet difficult to wriggle free of either the Killer or the hook before the sacrifice occurs, and other Survivors can unhook a hung victim if they are quick. I learned very fast not to hang a Survivor then wander off to find my next prey, because other players can be wicked fast about saving their pals. I am a cruel Killer that sets traps or hides nearby… Muahahaha!
One thing that I love about this game is the character design for the Killers. They are downright creepy. My personal favorite is the Trapper just because his masks are way too cool, but I also enjoy playing the Doctor. Let it be known that I am terrified of the Hag and hate playing as a Survivor against one. That is how great the designs for these beasts are. Oh, and when you play as a Survivor you have no idea which Killer you are up against until you have the misfortune of encountering him or her during the trial. ‘Tis the will of The Entity, and quite frankly makes Survivor mode that much scarier.
The graphics are decent, but it really is the design of the Killers that make the game for me visually. The sound does an incredible job of pulling you into the situation emotionally and mentally. From being eerily quiet in some maps, and making way too much noise for you to sneak around through a cornfield, to the sound of your Survivor’s heartbeat alerting you to danger, the game can get scary fast. Which is exactly what is needed in a horror game, especially one that is not a linear single player story like what we usually get in the genre. On top of the great sound and eerie background music, or lack of it, no trial will ever be the same. The Entity makes sure that each match is a different map- oh no, you do not get to choose unless you are in Kill Your Friends mode- and you do not know where you will be stuck at until it begins. No items are ever in the same place, including item chests, exits, secret hatches, and meat hooks. Combined with the different skill levels and play styles of the other 4 players in your matches, which also change each game unless you are partied up, Dead by Daylight stays fresh, freaky, and fun.
While we already have a great game that works really well on consoles, the developers have announced that we will soon be getting the Halloween DLC that became available on Steam last October, for free. This includes Michael Meyers as a new Killer, Laurie Strode as a Survivor, and The Haddonfield as a new map.
I think that Dead by Daylight is a title worth checking out for any horror or multiplayer fan on either console, or even PC, because it really is a unique experience. Whether you are laughing maniacally and getting way too into being the Killer, or experiencing the terror of trying to hide and escape as a Survivor, this game is really a fun one. At only $29.99 for consoles, it’s worth checking out. Oh, and it is a blast if you sit in the same room as a friend or two and pass the controller back and forth between trials. The extra eyes can really help watch out for Killers when you are repairing a generator, or for looking for Survivor movement when it is difficult to see in first-person. Do you have what it takes to make it out alive, or make sure that nobody does?
[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][review_summary positives=”No trial is ever the same, keeping it fresh and freaky even if you play for hours on end
The unlockable skills, items, and customization options keep bringing you back for more
The creepy Killers and scared Survivors are good at transferring their emotions to you as you play, which makes it intense and terrifying
Fun to play with friends or with strangers, and it is interesting to see different play styles in each trial as the matchups change
” negatives=”Can be laggy at times, with issues like sudden frame rate drop which makes it hard to see, especially in the middle of a chase
Sometimes there are problems getting into matchmaking as a Survivor
Occasional lost connection from host when a trial begins”]Great game to play with friends or in the dark if you enjoy a thrill. Both Killer and Survivor modes are fun, and the DLC that is available for Steam players is included. Michael Meyers coming soon, and possibly even more DLC characters and maps in the future. Worth checking out for the price.[/review_summary][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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