Dead Island 2 DLC ‘SoLA’ Available Now

Posted on April 17, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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After prolonged delays and swapping developers, Dead Island 2 launched in 2023. From our review for the game we wrote, “Dead Island 2 pulls off a miracle with a mix of great combat and an eccentric cast of memorable characters. After a near decade long absence, Dead Island 2 comes back from the dead to terrorize a new generation of players, and it modernizes the originals gameplay concepts and ideas.”

In post-launch, it did not take long before Dead Island 2 surpassed 1 million units sold. By November, DLC ‘Haus’ shipped in part of the promised post-launch support for the base game. Additionally, Dead Island 2 is anticipating a new release for Steam next week on April 22nd. But in between both of that, the next expansion for Dead Island 2 is here.

This week, add-on ‘SoLA’ arrives offering a new setting, story, and more zombies. You can watch the new trailer in the video below:

“Set against the backdrop of ancient grounds pulsating with a malevolent beat, players dive headfirst into a world overrun by the Beat of the Autophage, triggering the change in the DNA and transforming the festivalgoers into ravenous zombies hungry for flesh,” the overview reads. “As you navigate through the ruins of SoLA, you’ll encounter new enemies such as the Whipper and Clotter;  twisted creations born from the madness of the Beat.

“The Whipper, driven to the brink of insanity, harnesses its self-loathing as a weapon, lashing out with ferocity unmatched. The Clotter, meanwhile, oozes revulsion, decomposing into a repulsive mound of gore only to reform, relentless in its pursuit of carnage. But fear not, brave slayers, for you’ll have new legendary weapons at your disposal, including the Ripper, a deadly amalgamation of baseball bat and circular saw, and the Sawblade Launcher, perfect for ranged decapitation and dismemberment.

“With its unique setting, terrifying enemies, and arsenal of brand new deadly weapons and skills, the SoLA DLC promises to deliver an electrifying addition to the Dead Island 2 universe, inviting players to face the music and confront the darkness lurking at the edge of reality.” What has you excited for SoLA?

Dead Island 2 is out now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Source: Dambuster Studios

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