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Dead Rising 4 has surpassed a million players

Posted on March 24, 2017 by Philip

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Capcom posted on their official blog regarding Dead Rising 4‘s commercial progress and announced that the game has topped 1 million players since its launch last year.  The company also noted that there have been over 4 million Frank deaths and twice as many zombies smashed, meaning that each player has smashed over 8,000 zombies each which is rather impressive.
Dead Rising 4 1 Million
While the game didn’t launch to the warmest critical response, its release on Steam this year likely helped to broaden the audience on PC outside of the Windows Store.  Capcom also notes that the game will be getting the Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising story pack in early April, with players being able to take control of a zombified Frank West.  If we learn more on the Frank Rising pack, or more figures regarding Dead Rising 4‘s player base are revealed, we’ll keep you updated.  Until then, be sure to stay tuned to Rectify Gaming for the latest.
Source: Capcom
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