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Dec 8 release date for Hitman is not the full game

Posted on July 10, 2015 by Michael Boccher

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In a recent Q&A on the Hitman official site, their has been some interesting information revealed about Square Enix’s newest game coming on December 8th. It appears that this release date is the digital only release for Xbox One, PS4 and PC and the game will have an episodic like gameplay experience. Responding to a question, Square Enix stated that “What we release on December 8th is not the full game. It’s a sizeable chunk of it. Throughout 2016 we’ll release more locations and missions until the story arc is done and finished. All of that content is included in the $60 price. We know that the specifics of exactly what is included on December 8th are very important to some of you. We’re finalizing those plans and look forward to sharing them with you. Stay tuned for more details on this.”

As far as the episodic part of it goes, there will not be any separate pricing for future content but it will all be included in the full price of the game that will take place during the story arc into 2016. So, unlike Telltale or games like Life is Strange, the one price will allows to play the entire game once the content has been released. The physical release will be coming to disc sometime in 2016 according to Square Enix and you will not be required to be online to play. Only live events such as ones where all players will be hunting a specific target or to see leaderboards will require a connection and all standard missions and locations will be playable offline. Take a look at all of the responses on the official site.

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