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Deep Rock Galactic Leaves Officially Leaves Early Access Next Wednesday For Xbox One & PC

Posted on May 4, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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It surely has been quite some time since the initial announcement of Deep Rock Galactic. Revealed during Microsoft’s E3 press conference back in 2017, the game was later shipped with an Early Access release that coming February on Steam alongside Game Preview on Xbox that same month. And since then, players have been feeding studio Ghost Ship Games the required details on how to better the game for a proper launch in the coming future.

And now that two years of Early Access has been surmounted already, the Danish team has announced that Deep Rock Galactic will be shipping next week. You can watch the full overview trailer in the video below:

What this new title is exactly introduces a subterranean experience like never seen in the medium. Players up to a group of four can delve deep into the stringing caves of Hoxxes to obtain rare minerals and other materials only found within the surface of the world. However, players will have to be prepared to face off against hordes of insect-like aliens that inhabit the system of tunnels and caverns you explore.

Spread between four characters, there is plenty of variety for players to discover. Such as the heavy-weapon wielding Gunner who offers an helpful zipline to cross dangerous caverns, the illuminating Scout to open players eyes with flares and uses a grappling hook to explore the depths of Hoxxes, the turret-building Engineer that can create climbable surfaces for companions, and the Driller who’s self-explanatory title allows users to dig through rock at ease with their titanium drilling gauntlets.

Users can also play solo as one of the four dwarfs available, but it is suggested to go with some friends if you want a more successful outcome. Lone wolf players will, however, be accompanied by an AI companion to help in their journey. While not out on another journey in the caves underbelly, users can indulge in activities at the Abyss Bar to blow off steam of a hefty mission.

What grabs your attention from Deep Rock Galactic most?

Deep Rock Galactic will be shipping to Xbox One and PC on May 13, 2020.

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