Despite Reports For E3 To Charge Admission For Its Online Event, Organizers States Show To Be Free

Posted on April 1, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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For reference as to the current state of things in regards to 2021’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the organizers for the show look to be running into a corner with no way out. While ambitious to frame that a “reimagining” is to take place for this year’s show following the cancellation of 2020’s event, that does not to appear to be the case anymore.

In one report from Video Game Chronicles, the outlet through sources familiar with the Electronic Software Association (ESA) was told that the group might be considering a virtual event in replacement for the traditional in-person show. Again from the same publication, it was later indicated that the physical event was later cancelled as the ESA plans to proceed with an online showcase later this June.

And while the context is still faint on what the ESA is planning for this summer, Video Game Chronicles in a new report discloses that the organizers is planning to host its show online, but with a paywall for users to attend. While majority of the show will be free domain for attendees to participate online, ESA is looking to charge for premium access to certain parts of the show.

“We’ve been hard at work to deliver a free experience for everyone interested in E3 2021, and we’re excited to share further details soon,” a spokesperson relayed to the outlet. But, as the writing gained traction, the ESA later went on to clarify that the show is intended to be free and reiterates to share more details very soon.

Furthermore on the writing from Video Game Chronicles, it is explained that the ESA is looking to collaborate with Nvidia to power playable demos through its self-named GeForce Now service.  Plans for 2021’s E3 is also told to incorporate “virtual booths” based on partnered publishers that plan to attend the show this June.

Most interesting of it all is the name change for E3. But while it still remains to be the acronym we associate the show with – it will go under a new monocle, “Electronic Entertainment Experience.” The report goes on to feature a pitch for the show’s virtual approach to E3 and reiterates on what the show means to the industry as it tackles an online presence.

The decision to rethink how E3 is orchestrated comes from many throughout the industry criticizing the show in the direction it was heading previously. Enough so that long-time attendee and E3 Coliseum host Geoff Keighley demanded that change needs to be dealt for the show to stay afloat. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you planning to attend E3 if it goes virtual?

E3 2021 is said to take place from June 15 – June 17.

Source: Video Game Chronicles

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