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Destiny 2 Didn’t Meet Activision’s Expectations, Game Director Defends Forsaken

Reflecting back on Destiny 2‘s launch more than a year ago, plenty of excitement surrounded the sequel to the 2014 title which included better gameplay, multiplayer, and an story campaign. Originally selling well following the game’s September release, player base for Bungie’s game steadily fell when players reach their peak playing the title.

Following to the latest expansion for the game Forsaken, Activision had high hopes to see a great increase in sales resulting from the new wave of content coming to the now year-old title. But according to the latest earnings call for Activision, the expansion did not reach certain expectations for the game’s publisher. With investors unhappy with the sales results from Forsaken, Activision has to act now to rebound the promises made on the expansion.

For what’s to come for the game will be determined in the upcoming months from publisher Activision. As the game is currently being marketed for free on PC until November 18 on top of being free for PlayStation Plus owners, this was almost expected for the game to be received this way from investors due to Activision’s decisions.

Following the recent news, Destiny 2 Game Director Luke Smith made a statement on Twitter regarding the response from the publisher’s earning call. Telling fans that Bungie is satisfied with Forsaken and is eager to continue creating more content for the dedicate players.

The tweet grabbed many off guard seeing how the developer views Destin 2 entirely. Comparing the base title to Forsaken, the expansion reinvents what was originally done from the initial intentions of the game, aiming to appeal from casual fans to more hardcore players coming up to Forsaken.

In our review of the expansion, David Rodriguez says that Forsaken “As a starting point for the next year of content, it does put Destiny 2 in a much better place”. You can read the full review here.

Destiny 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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