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(Updates: Gameplay reveal announced, Pre-orders details are live!) Destiny 2 reveal trailer drops, here's what we know

Update: 10:30 a.m. PST
May 18 has now been confirmed as the gameplay premiere on Destiny’s official page.  The game’s trailer didn’t show any in-game visuals or scenes, so we don’t yet know what the game will actually look or play like.  We’ll be waiting for then to judge the game’s aesthetic, but we’ll keep you updated until then should we hear anything new.
Update: 10:25 a.m. PST
Destiny’s official website has added the pre-order page for the game.  The pre-order page also gives us a look at the various editions and versions of the game that will be available.  Bungie and Activision’s Destiny 2 will feature Standard, what we’ll call “Standard+”, Digital Deluxe, Limited, and Collector’s Editions of the game, according to the online pre-order page.
The Standard Edition is simple, including only the base game, but what we’re calling the Standard+ Edition (Bungie lists is as “Game + Expansion Pass”) includes the base game as well as, you guessed it, the Expansion Pass for future game content.  The Digital Deluxe Edition adds a Legendary Sword, Legendary Player Emote, and a Cabal Empire themed Emblem on top of what the Standard+ Edition offers.  The game’s Limited Edition will feature the Deluxe content, as well as a limited edition steelbook case for the game’s physical disc, and a “Cabal-themed Collector’s Box” that has a booklet of secrets on the Cabal Empire, Cabal schematic, collectible postcard images, and Cabal military pawns.
Finally, the game’s Collector’s Version.  Obviously, everything from the Limited Edition, but players will also get a Frontier Kit with a solar panel with a USB charger and built-in light, some paracord, and a solar blanket.  Then, there’s the Frontier Bag, which is a messenger bag / backpack that can fit up to a 15-inch laptop as well as a tablet, according to the pre-order page.
Original article:
After Bungie teased Destiny 2 last week, and following a global teaser trailer the company posted on March 28, they finally released the official trailer for the sequel to the much-loved original Destiny game.  We’ll embed the trailer below, so rally up afterwards.

Hopefully we learn more actual details about the game itself in the coming weeks, but what we know so far is that the Last city is indeed fallen.  The player will be dropped into a fight again Gol, leader of the invading forces, and must avenge their city and legacy from the first game.
It was announced that Destiny would carry no aspect of a player’s original Destiny experience over to the sequel, and the trailer explains why, briefly.  Gol’s invading forces have destroyed the armory, and it looks like the remaining fighters will be using basic weaponry and gaining “a ton of loot.”
We’ll be updating this post throughout the day as more details emerge, so be sure to check back for the latest information on Destiny 2.

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