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Destiny 2’s ‘Season Of The Deep’ Welcomes A Slew Of PlayStation Cosmetics & Fishing

Posted on May 24, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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Come this summer, the full embrace of PlayStation to Bungie will be a complete year. And while there has been little in terms of the grand effect of the Destiny developer being a PlayStation Studios developer, there are big plans ahead. For one, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan told that its plans with Bungie is the first stepping tone for PlayStation’s effort into the multiplatform/live-service market.

Additionally, we see more development for Destiny with its plans on transmedia. In that, television & film is to be a new reach for the Bungie IP with Sony now involved. Before, it was confirmed that the firm would emphasize on this as Sony Pictures & PlayStation Productions are heightening its repertoire. And more recently, it was confirmed a former Warner Bors. Discovery executive is now part of the operation too.

In a new season update ‘Season of the Deep’, the bond with PlayStation grows stronger now as there are unique PlayStation game cosmetics now available in Destiny 2. You can watch the trailer in the video below:

“This Season, Destiny 2 is also celebrating its partnership with PlayStation with a collection of new cosmetic items, each inspired by legendary PlayStation Studios games. From armor ornaments suitable for gods, samurai, and survivors alike, to vehicle cosmetics inspired by one of the biggest critical hits (in both videogames and prestige television) of the past decade, the lineup has something for everyone.”

“The genesis of any armor set starts with a question, ‘What is the fantasy?’” Josh Deeb, Bungie art lead shares. “There were some obvious inspirations – [God of War’s] Kratos is a powerful force leading the way into battle, Aloy [from the Horizon series] is a machine hunter surviving in a harsh world, and [Ghost of Tsushima’s] Jin combined studious training with seemingly supernatural fighting ability.

Titans will feel right at home in the new “Godsbane” ornament set, inspired by Sony Santa Monica’s God of War. Guerrilla’s Horizon Forbidden West inspired the “Annointed” set for Hunters, creating a look that’s ideal for any activity that requires guile, agility, and more than a little deadly force.

Finally, honor and precision are hallmarks of that Warlock lifestyle, and this is expressed to perfection with the “Ancestral” ornament set, inspired by Sucker Punch’s open-world masterpiece, Ghost of Tsushima. Alongside the ornaments, there are also a trio of finishers inspired by the same games: “From Nowhere” (Horizon Zero Dawn), “Whirling Chaos” (God of War), and “Perfect Strike” (Ghost of Tsushima).

Tim Turi, Sony Interactive Entertainment Content Communications Manager

“Apart from the ornaments, the Bungie team has been working with the team at Insomniac to create a new Ratchet & Clank-inspired emote, as well as with Naughty Dog on two new vehicles and an accessory inspired by The Last of Us. A ghost shell, a ship, and a Sparrow are available, each afflicted by the Cordyceps fungus that drives the games’ celebrated narrative,” Turi adds.

As part of the blanket update for Destiny 2, the big haul from the update outside of the PlayStation-inspired items is fishing. ‘Fishing is intended to give players a chance to take a break from the frenetic pace of combat and spend some time relaxing and bonding with other Guardians, all while earning rewards and progress towards some of their other goals this Season,” Corey Wilis, Bungie system designer explains.

What has you most excited for Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep?

Destiny 2 is out now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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