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Destiny Sparrow Racing announced at PSX

Posted on December 5, 2015 by Daniel Brennan

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Sony and Bungie have just announced at PSX, a new event for Destiny which is Sparrow racing, which starts December 8th and will run for 3 weeks. Also announced, Playstation exclusive iron banner. Stay tuned as a new ViDoc and trailer will be coming soon. you’ll be able to compete against friends on Venus and Mars for exclusive rewards, including a special Sparrow. It will be available for Xbox as well, it will be free if you already own The Taken King.

It will also feature 6 person death race with matchmaking. Gear up to light level 320 can drop. To initiate you go to amanda holiday to get your license and quests. It’s a full tower event so tower will be decked out and there are matching racing suits and sparrows.

Bungie stated that “if you like it (sparrow racing) let us know and you will see more of it”

Brand new Trailer and ViDoc was released:



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