Destroy All Humans! Remake Nintendo Switch Version Scheduled For This June

Posted on April 18, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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Since last July, THQ Nordic’s anticipated release Destroy All Humans! Remake graced most major platforms. I write most because the game did not arrive to the Nintendo Switch when the title shipped initially. However, more than a year later, there was no update as to when the game will be delivered to the Nintendo eShop upon entering 2021.

But, that is not to say it is never coming. In fact, THQ Nordic alongside Black Forest Games in a new reveal earlier this month presses that the wait is only for a few months more. According to the announcement, Destroy All Humans! Remake is to arrive by late June as per a message from “a message from the Furon Empire”.

You can watch the latest trailer in the video below:

“Furon officials are proud to announce the possibility of handheld anal probing with the introduction of the new technology required for this campaign,” the message reads on the blog post. “Mobile probing units will open up new possibilities all over the world.”

While there is now a concrete date for the game’s release, there is still some clarity left dirtied. In that, it is uncertain if the Nintendo Switch will be a direct port or if game studio Black Forest Games will also jump the extra foot to incorporate unique features for the handheld like HD rumble, gyro controls, or even motion guiding.

Are you planning to pick up Destroy All Humans! Remake for Nintendo Switch?

Destroy All Humans! Remake arrives to Nintendo Switch on June 29, 2021; out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Black Forest Games

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